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Author Mary Johns Wilson

Create your own new adventures in Alabama

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100 Things To Do In Alabama Before You Die

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About the book

100 Things To Do In Alabama Before You Die is a bucket list of award-winning restaurants, interesting historic sites, exciting sports venues and unique attractions. As you check off each item on the list, you’ll see nearly every county in the state.


This comprehensive tourism book includes 166 sites in 52 of Alabama’s 67 counties. For more details on promoting locations included in the book, contact me below.

Speaking events

I’m available to speak for special events and to host book signings. My areas of expertise include writing, media training, social media and public relations. I charge $150 for speaking events outside of the Montgomery area. To schedule a talk or book signing, contact me below.

About Me

I’ve always loved exploring new places and discovering the unexpected stories of people I meet.

I studied broadcast journalism at Western Kentucky University, but in my professional career found a passion for public relations and writing.

In my job with the Alabama Farmers Federation, I’ve traveled across the state to report for our TV show, Simply Southern.

I share some of my favorite spots, and a few things I still need to check off my own bucket list, in my new book, “100 Things To Do In Alabama Before You Die.”


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